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Whether you need just a bit of motivation or a personalized program, our experienced trainers can work with you to realize that goal. Our trainers are knowledgeable in many different areas including nutrition, rehabilitation, corrective exercise and other facets related to health. Upon joining, your membership will include two complimentary sessions with a certified personal trainer. During your 1st visit, your trainer will evaluate your health history, lifestyle, flexibility and body composition and then help you to set goals and design a fitness program based on your wants and needs. Upon your 2nd visit your trainer will take you through a workout based on your combined goal setting to help you get on the right track. You'll combine weight training, cardio, plyometrics and flexibility to optimize your investment in wellbeing. To get the most out of your fitness program we strongly suggest investing in a training package to increase and advance your workout success.

Boot Camp

Boot camp training alternates strength training exercises with aerobic activities to give you two workouts in one. Boot Camp classes combine intervals of cardio drills and muscle conditioning exercises to provide you with the ultimate circuit workout. You can burn 400 – 600 calories in our Boot Camp classes that may use jump ropes, boxing drills, free weights, plyometrics, core work and even a little healthy competition. Expect the unexpected in these full-body Boot Camp classes, which are packed with lots of variety and tons of fun. The average person will burn 400-600 calories per class.


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